Portfolio: ‘Win More Business’ Campaign


Objective: Design artwork to be used in Invoice2go’s ‘Win More Business’ campaign to promote their software to construction contractors and small businesses.

Mockup 1

Mockup 2

Mockup 3

Final version

6″x4″ Postcard – Construction contractors (front)

6″x4″ Postcard – Construction contractors (back)

Stamp and contest

Various ads

End-to-end email hero image

Webpage banner

1200×630 for Facebook/email hero image

1024×512 for Twitter

1125×555 for Leanplum

350×300 for blog

Execution: Worked with project owners and managers involved in the campaign to gather all requirements/specs (intended viewers and market, message and goal, color palette, resolutions, sizes, file format, etc.) for initial mockup. Various mockups were created and revisions were made until all were satisfactory and approved by responsible parties. For the final version, to represent construction contractors and small business market, relevant and simple icons were used. A ‘building’ blueprint grid was used as the background as construction contractors are the majority of the audience and they could recognize it.