Portfolio: Star Wars Mug Designs


Objective: As a fun and fan based project, design something for use in the office that’s related to Star Wars. See my post about this project at LinkedIn.

BB-8 and BB-9E mug designs

Actual mugs

1200×628 for Facebook

1200×628 for Facebook (with animation)

1200×675 for Twitter

1200×675 for Twitter (with animation)

900×900 for Instagram

900×900 for Instagram (with animation)

Execution: The artworks on the BB-8 and BB-9E droids were really nice designs so I replicated them to be put on the mugs. Taking from Obi-Wan’s famous line “These aren’t the Droids you’re looking for”, I decided to add a little humor into the mug design by creating my own phrase of “This is the mug you’re looking for”. Once done, I sent the designs to a printer and have them printed on the mugs (white mug appropriately for BB-8, black mug for BB-9E).