Portfolio: Setting Up In-House Graphic Design Department (in 1993!)


Objective: Cut costs, reduce turn-around time working with external vendors and have more control over the design process for our marketing department.

With objective in hand, I proposed to my manager to let me set up an in-house graphic design department, known then as desktop publishing department (DTP). This was in 1993 where few, if not any, companies had their graphics done in-house. Also setting up a full design/print production was not an easy task considering software and hardware were not “plug and play” then; and you couldn’t “google” to find help online! On top of that, I was fresh out of college working for the first time at a startup company.

Article written by Hai Nguyen and published in the Computer Currents newsmagazine (December 14, 1993)

Execution: Successfully researched and set up an effectively cost saving in-house graphic design department handling designs, presentations and prints.