Portfolio: Invoice2go Website


Objective: Take charge and own current Invoice2go’s WordPress website as an admin, web designer, front-end developer and content manager.

Invoice2go Website

Execution: Being the only graphic designer at Invoice2go two years ago, my workload was always full. But with extensive knowledge of CMS/WordPress and web designing/management, I volunteered to help out with the company’s website. What initially was just on and off work evolved into a full-time commitment as the company was focusing more and more on web initiatives. Gradually I became fully occupied and in charge of the website and its day-to-day operations. Fortunately later I was released of my graphic designing duty when another graphic designer was hired (but I was still acting as the backup graphic designer whenever needed).

With full-time commitment to the website, my responsibilities for Invoice2go’s WordPress website were as follows (but not limited to):

  • Admin
    1. Managed and assigned staff’s role and permission to WordPress
    2. Showed inexperienced ones how to use it
    3. Provided help and support to users when needed
    4. Managed and worked with developer to update, install or delete plugins
    5. Fixed any front-end issues
  • Content Management
    1. Added, deleted and updated content for all webpages
    2. Periodically checked, removed or updated contents that may deem old or obsolete
    3. Generated Jira ticket for localization for new or updated contents
    4. Assisted in search engine optimization (SEO) and Google analytics
  • Web Design
    1. Designed campaigns/initiatives and deployed them when approved
    2. Redesigned artworks and layout for webpages
    3. Implemented tabs, animations, sliders, FAQs and other advanced web elements
    4. Coded advanced HTML/CSS to overwrite/hack system’s defaults