Portfolio: Invoice2go Reviewers’ Guide 2020


Objective: Design 2020 Invoice2go Reviewers’ Guide and produce it in PDF format for distribution to agencies and vendors.

Execution: With the thorough project brief from the manager, I just needed to follow through with project stakeholders to gather all requirements/specs (content, imagery, app screenshots, color palette, resolutions, sizes, file format, etc.) and any information that might have missed in the briefing for initial mockup. Designed a clean layout showing a nice flow of sections representing Invoice2go’s features and benefits as well as other info. Created the table for ‘Plans & pricing’ using eight shades of a light navy color to clearly define each row and column for easy viewing and comparison. Continued revising mockup until all were satisfactory and approved by responsible parties. Exported to PDF format keeping file size as small as possible without sacrificing visual quality.