Portfolio: A Tribute to Steve Jobs (1955-2011)​


Objective: It is another sad anniversary day for me, a loyal Apple products owner, in remembering Steve Jobs, who has left us on the 5th of October, 2011. He was, and will always be a tech innovation idol whom I greatly admire. I love his passion and creativity.

This year I want to create a digital design that pays tribute to Steve Jobs. I also want to incorporate it into a shadow box (actually turned into two shadow boxes…explanation below) that I can hang on the wall of my home office. Note that the Steve Jobs’ silhouette used in my design is not from me as it was done a long time ago by artists like Jonathan Mak, Chris Thornley and others.

The Man Behind Apple

The Man Behind Apple – A Tribute to Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

Steve Jobs Shadowboxes

Version 1 & 2 “The Man Behind Apple” Shadow Boxes

Execution: The idea and title of my design is “The Man Behind Apple” as I want it to represent what Steve stood for at Apple…founder, visionary and a genius (Apple Garamond font is appropriately used for the title). And the title and design say it all. After the shadow box was done (Version 1), I was left with its cutouts that inspired me to create a second shadow box (Version 2), which I have grown to love as much as the original version!